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Dollar Country Episode 122: Winner Take All (01/06/2021)

Allene Yokum - The Nashville Rage
Lance Hill - Ridin', Ropin', Wranglin'
Bill Barbee - A Million Miles From Your Heart
Freddy Lake & Harmonica Kate - Change My Business All Around
Buddy Jack - Gold-Wedding Band
Barbara Dale - Winner Take All
J.C. Mitchell & The Skylanders - The Ballad Of Bogard
Don & Earl - Flight 205
Mitch Dulworth - Queen Of Skidrow
Eddy Lynn - Letter From Mother
Jo Sutt - I Don't Want To Forget
Buddy Pruitt & The Roughnecks - Mornin Tour
Cody Hubach - Cocaine Blues
Truehart Kids - If Your Dad Were A Prisoner Of War
Travis Hobbs - Old Lobo The Killer

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